Fundraiser Ideas

Fundraising for Heart of Grace

Heart of Grace, Inc. thrives from the work of volunteers like you, and all donations go straight to fulfilling our mission of providing non-medical financial support to children and families affected by having a child in the hospital for long-term through the distribution of Family Care Bags, and our other programs. Here are just a few ways you can raise money for Heart of Grace and help provide these families!

School or Business Fundraisers:
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Individual or Group Fundraisers:
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Ideas for Successful Fundraisers:

  • Make sure you read through our Heart of Grace Fundraiser Tips and Guidelines for more information on planning, executing, and marketing your fundraiser, as well as some tips and guidelines for hosting a fundraiser benefiting Heart of Grace.
  • Select a date, time and venue for your event. Plan ahead to ensure you have enough time to fully plan and execute the fundraiser.
  • Develop a budget, set fundraising goals, and create a plan to promote your fundraiser.
  • Create signage, invitations, fliers, and press releases and distribute them to the community or contact us for Heart of Grace printable marketing materials.
  • Use social media to your advantage- Facebook, Twitter, Email, Google + and more.
  • Make sure we know when your fundraiser is so we can post to our website and social networks.
  • Submit the event to your local paper and local online event boards. Craigslist and similar sites are great places to reach your local audience.
  • Post announcements and fliers on bulletin boards at your local church or favorite coffeehouse.
  • Don’t forget to provide plenty of informational material about Heart of Grace!
  • Click here for a complete listing of our Heart of Grace Fundraising Event Descriptions

Donate Today!

Donations are used to fulfill our mission of providing non-medical financial help and support to families who have a child in long-term hospital stays through the distribution of Family Care Bags and other programs to help and support those families.