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Tip #1 – Visits

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This past year our family has had to spend a little over a month in the hospital with our daughter, Grace. After that we had her home with home health care. There are many families we know who have to spend a lot more time than that in the hospital with their child. But, during that time the lives of everyone in the family was turned upside down, filled with anxiety, sleep deprivation, insurance and financial burdens, leaves from work (both paid and unpaid), and medical educations we never dreamed we’d need. And we know there were many people who want to help. Some who stepped right in and others who didn’t know how to begin, but all well intended. Along that journey, we learned a few lessons about how to be most helpful to a family when a child is in the hospital. And a lot of time parents are over whelmed and don’t even know what they need or how to ask for what they need. 

Over the next few post I will be sharing some of the tips we learned, in how to help families when they have a child in the hospital. So that you can better understand how to do so. 


Tip #1 – Visits: 

Generally, the best time to visit a parent and their child in the hospital is late afternoon and early evening. Mornings are when doctors do their rounds and lunch time, in the middle of the day, is when the parents often have time with each other and their child and/or they are meeting with doctors, social workers, and others at the hospital, with important information. Later in the day can be calmer and/or lonely. But you do want to check before you just show up. Call or better yet send a text that says something like: “I’d love to come see you today around 4:00. Let me know if there is something specific you need. And please be honest and let me know if this is not a good time.”

Published: 10/20/2018 

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